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Bard at Barley Hall
23rd July 2022
Included in entry to Barley Hall
Barley Hall
2 Coffee Yard, York, YO1 8AR, United Kingdom
The Bard at Barley Hall

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The Bard at Barley Hall

The Bard at Barley Hall explores the history of York through the drama of Shakespeare, featuring costumes worn by famous actors in a host of popular films, including Al Pacino’s Shylock costume from A Merchant of Venice, Michael Fassbender’s Macbeth costume and Kate Winslet's Ophelia costume from Hamlet.

Visitors can dress up and perform their own scenes on the interactive stage and view exhibits from York Archaeological Trust's own collections, stage their own shadow puppet performances of Hamlet and Macbeth and discover a range of sensory activities for visitors with additional needs.

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